Meet Carissa

Introducing Carissa Pickering, the writer and creator behind Start Wandering. A 24 year-old Australian who is on a mission to Start Wandering the globe.

Chasing the world and not the mainstream dream.

Carissa boasts a well-travelled collection of over 25 countries so far across Europe, North America, Asia and the Pacific, all from the young age of 19 years old. Having travelled both solo backpacking, and with her husband throughout road trips, Carissa is showing everyone they have what it takes to take on the world – on a shoestring, in luxury, or paying as they go.

You just have to Start Wandering.

Start Wandering is a newly identified travel blog, using social media to connect with the world’s fellow social explorers. By sharing personal stories and travel experiences, her aim is to spread motivation with followers to journey, take a leap of faith and combat being stuck in one place, and explore the world.

Start Wandering commenced in June 2014 as a personal testament to invigorate changes of a lifetime. Right then there was a discovery of passion in creative writing, social media exploration, and strategic influence and career venture sparked to become a Travel Blogger.

Wander With Me

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