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Are you interested in working with Start Wandering?

By working with Start Wandering you can reach and connect with an audience of travellers, adventurers and culturally experienced followers with an up & coming social media network.

Start Wandering provides information that inspires, motivates and guides readers on destinations, taking a leaps of faith, and product reviews, all relevant to the travel industry.

Start Wandering’s, Carissa Pickering, has launched her travel blog online, with the capacity for website exposure, as well as on the following social media platforms:

Facebook -1000 + followers (300 + unique) | Instagram – 500 + followers

Twitter – 180 + followers | Trover – 330 + thanks |

Stumble Upon (new) | Pinterest (new)

Being a newly designed website and travel blogging platform, Start Wandering is looking for fresh partnerships with the right brands and companies that share the right vibe and attitude with Carissa and her followers.

This opportunity offers an engaging and nurturing relationship with Start Wandering, with potential to reach a number of unique followers that have been on board with her and watched the brand grow rapidly, as well as her journey.

For more information you can download the Start Wandering – Media Kit.

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