Travelling the Greyhound in Canada… it ain’t pretty

I had just spent the last 3 nights in the spectacular Canadian gem that is Lake Louise. With views that fogged my ski goggles as I held back tears, accompanied by words that muttered nothing other than wow. Days upon days of blue bird skies, that slowly became threatened by mountains that created their own
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Start Wandering – The Bucketlist

Have you ever just stopped and thought about all the beauty that is within this world? Sometimes, I find myself staring into the distance and taking it all in and as I return to my reality there are tears prickling my eyes, I think about all the footsteps I have taken and how I have
Vancouver sunset on the Cambie Bridge

5 Days Wandering in Vancouver

Starting off my round-the-world journey of a lifetime in Vancouver, I have fallen in love with this city this time round and I can tell you how 5 days in this Beautiful British Columbia city, you too can fall in love. I have moved to Canada as part of a working holiday, and spent 5 days exploring
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5 of the Best and 5 of the Worst Places to Stay

Whether you travel light, long or on a budget can you think of your best and worst night's sleep? I have travelled in many different hotels, motels and hostels and though it's tough to pick my favourite 5 I could narrow it down to a one hand selection which offered a great nights sleep, great
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