Auschwitz 1 signed

Arriving at Auschwitz

What am I doing? I am going to a place where over a million people perished at the hands of evil. I'm sitting in a mini bus with people doing the same thing. Willingly. Is this wrong? I've just been shown an 18 minute video which is just a snapshot of the torture these innocent
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Start Wandering – The Bucketlist

Have you ever just stopped and thought about all the beauty that is within this world? Sometimes, I find myself staring into the distance and taking it all in and as I return to my reality there are tears prickling my eyes, I think about all the footsteps I have taken and how I have
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Wide awake and barely wandering

It's amazing how a million thoughts, ideas and actions come to me at night. Right before I switch off to go to sleep, my brain switches on igniting a current of thoughts running through my mind. At midnight I'm my most confident. At midnight I feel more creative than ever. At midnight my strength comes
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From Where I Would Rather Call Home

Is there somewhere else in this world you hold close to your heart other than your home country? Maybe you aspire to move somewhere that you love more than where you are right now. Back in 2010 I ended my European backpacking trip in Ireland and Northern Ireland, in the former home of my roots,
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Wandering About Chasing the Dream

In life we are all chasing a dream, in the United States it is a constant drumming to children and middle-class workers to live the American dream. Growing up in Australia, I can't remember any defining dream-making stories, which is probably the reason why I created my own along the way. My parents can probably

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