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A Cheeky Visit to Cieszyn

Have you ever wanted to step foot on a border crossing, just to say you have been in two places at once? In Cieszyn you can! A town named after the legend of laughter, offers a place where you can stay with locals and laugh together, and it's a perfect pit-stop between two cities. Nestled on
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Five Reasons Warsaw is Rising

It's 6:00 am and I've just stepped off the 9 hour journey from Berlin, Germany. With very little sleep under my belt, walking through Warsaw with my bags on my bag, I can't help but have a spring in my step. This city was one of those places that since the moment I hopped off
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Travelling the Greyhound in Canada… it ain’t pretty

I had just spent the last 3 nights in the spectacular Canadian gem that is Lake Louise. With views that fogged my ski goggles as I held back tears, accompanied by words that muttered nothing other than wow. Days upon days of blue bird skies, that slowly became threatened by mountains that created their own
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Start Wandering – The Bucketlist

Have you ever just stopped and thought about all the beauty that is within this world? Sometimes, I find myself staring into the distance and taking it all in and as I return to my reality there are tears prickling my eyes, I think about all the footsteps I have taken and how I have

Sydney vs. Melbourne

It’s the ultimate debate for all Australians. If you’re from Sydney you will fight to the death to prove Sydney is better than Melbourne, and if you’re from  Melbourne you’re too good to care which city is better, because you know Melbourne is. And if you’re from any other city in Australia you wonder why
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