My Footprints

Become a nomad like me 

My goal is not just to travel to major cities and write what all the fuss is about, I want to promote the small villages that barely get mentioned. I want to write about my bucket-list items, not just tasting food and drinks in hot spots – but pushing myself to the limit and facing my fears in situations I never dreamt possible.

Like working in a Ski Resort for Winter, pouring pints in an Irish Pub, teaching English to children in South East Asia, and volunteering with conservationists in South America.

Wherever this journey takes me I am up for it.

Once I do it – Nothing can stop me writing it.

I am inviting followers, and businesses to join the wander with me as I embark on a journey to add to the 78 Cities in 25 Countries across 4 Continents.

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